Shane Crone

By Elizabeth Martinez

When Shane Crone finished high school, he didn’t want to be a teacher, in fact it was the last job he would’ve taken. Like many kids after high school, he didn’t know what he wanted to pursue. However, later in life, his past influences and love for sciene, changed his life for the better; he became a physics teacher.


After graduating high school, Crone studied economy, but quit it. Crone didn’t know what he would pursue but he still had the desire to pursue college. Crone soon became a salesperson at a golf shop and even the Adler Planetarium here in Chicago.


“I was a terrible terrible salesperson. I could run the shop well, but I definitely could not run the store. But when I worked as a tech at the planetarium, for me, it was the best job you could possibly have,” Crone said.


It wasn’t until the age of 30 when he decided to become a teacher. “In high school, I was one of those kids in class who knew what we were doing and would quietly say the answer, then someone would hear and say it louder. But I outgrew that when I got into my 20s, then teaching seemed more reasonable,” Crone said.


In Crone’s sophomore year of high school, he had a science teacher who fascinated him and lead influenced his career goals.  “I really paid attention

because he actually built stuff that was unbelieveable. I don’t remember much of high school but I do remember days in his class when we would do cool things and solve problems, he’s definitely the reason I went into physics,” Crone said.


“I was either going to do research or teach, and I would rather teach because I could deal with teenagers than research where I would’ve been in one tiny little area where no one understands what you’re doing,” he added.


He knew then that he wanted to teach at a big school since physics doesn’t get taught at many places. He also wanted to serve an underserved and make an impact, something he couldn’t do somewhere like a suburban school.


His students feel he is a great help. “Mr. Crone encourages students like myself to keep trying. He told us that his course is one of the most challenging available, and it’s true. But he shows his effort as a teacher by staying after school despite his own workload to assist any students in math or science,” Allen Tse (Div. 321) said.


“Mr. Crone has definitely made me a more dedicated person. He stays after school everyday, and seeing how dedicated he is, it makes me try harder as a student to do my best,” Cruz Nunez (Div. 301) said.


When not teaching, Crone is an outdoors person. He enjoys hiking, camping and activities such recently helping people in low income areas prepare for winter in their houses. Although he’s often very busy, he tries to make time for his family. “It’s stressful, I have children and I want to be with them but it’s hard because teaching takes up a lot of time. I’m not going to give up being with them, but I don’t get much sleep,” he said.


Mr. Crone’s favorite part of his job is seeing students grow. He sees how they start off at the beginning of the year and watching them improve by solving things on their own.


Crone knows his job is stressful, but he cheers himself up by his plan later on in life. “My plan is that when I die, I’m going to sleep a lot,” he joked.

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