A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Our Condor Voices

On the one hand, your parents tell you to go to school, do homework, go to sleep on a clock, go to church, take care of your siblings, clean the house, blah blah blah. On the other hand, they tell you that you need to grow up, take responsibility, stop acting like a child. They tell you that you won’t be able to survive on your own.

At school, teachers tell you everyone can be successful while making you feel stupid at the same. They tell you to do your homework, but often don’t put in grades for the work you’ve completed. They say they hate being around kids even though they chose teaching as a career.

As juniors and seniors in high school, we are expected to act like adults, but we get treated like children. Until June 13, seniors are told they are children who cannot make their own decisions. After June 13, they are suddenly expected to turn into adults.

Sometimes everything feels rigged against us, but we can change that. It’s up to us to make the change.

Students in Parkland, Florida witnessed a mass murder in their school. They are survivors, and they are trying be proactive to change society by standing up for gun control. Some so-called adults are being disgusting in their response to the Parkland students. These people are belittling these brave young adults and treating them like children without valid voices or opinions.

Adults may disregard the opinions of teens, but that doesn’t mean our opinions don’t matter. The student survivors of Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida are proof that teenagers are capable of so much.

We at Curie haven’t survived a mass shooting, but we are survivors, too. We have survived the violent deaths of our classmates and friends. We have survived a school system that some politicians are trying to destroy. We have survived the deportations of friends and family members. We have survived poverty and economic struggle. We have survived discrimination and police harassment. Some of us travel for hours just to get to school on public transportation. Some of us live our lives with daily fear of deportation. Many of us are afraid to walk home alone in the dark.

Just like the students in Parkland, we are survivors. Just like them, we have voices that need to be heard.