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Student leader committed to helping others

Isaac Marentes (DIV 829) has over 200 hours of community service. He is committed to making positive changes in his community.

“I think that participation in school clubs is important because they allow you to have a voice,” Marentes said.

Marentes is the president of Curie’s Key Club, a community service organization for high school students. Key Club offers him more than just community service hours for his graduation requirement.

“Key Club is a community. We help each other. We help those in need, we do food drives to help out,” Marentes said. “It has a good feeling once you join.”

As president of Key Club, Marentes is in charge of every meeting.

“Being president of Key Club means you have to run the show. You need the agenda and to know what to say in meetings. It seems like a lot, but it isn’t because I like talking in public. I like explaining things,” Marentes said.

Marentes believes that Key Club helps him exercise the values and principles he already possess.

“Key Club shapes me to become a better person morality-wise. I don’t think Key Club defines me because I’ve always loved to help those in need.”

Not only does he help the Chicago community through Key Club, Marentes advocates for the safety of Curie students as co-president of the Sexuality And Gender Acceptance (SAGA) club.

Marentes said, “SAGA is a club to express yourself, whether you’re a part of the LGBT community or not.”

According to Marentes, SAGA brings security and support to students who identify as members of the LGBT community.

“The LGBT community is very unsupported in the south side of Chicago, so SAGA help helps with that for its members,” he said.

SAGA is a safe place for members to communicate their thoughts and emotions.

“SAGA is about trying to find yourself and find out who you are. We talk about ourselves and our issues. It’s a trust circle for when you are having a bad day: a good place to be,” Marentes said.

SAGA reinforces Curie as a safe and accepting school for students of diverse backgrounds.
“SAGA is important to Curie because [the school] needs a sense of diversity, not just culturally but also sexuality-wise.”

Although Marentes holds leadership positions in both clubs, he encourages everyone to have a voice.

“We don’t see one better than the other, either. We are just one whole group,” he said.
Being president of Key Club and co-president of SAGA has allowed Marentes to bring about change. Marentes shows his support to the Curie community through his participation in these clubs.

“The clubs that I’m in help me contribute to my community and society. That’s why I enjoy it. You never know how you can end up making a difference in your school,” Marentes said.