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Skateboarding is for girls, too!

The skateboard rolls down the sidewalk, hitting every crack and pebble that comes its way. A rumbling noise can be heard vibrating across the streets. The rush of air hits her face, breezes through her hair.

Nicole Segura (DIV 901) loves to skateboard. She loves the rush of excitement experienced when being on the board. She loves being able to get her mind to focus on other things rather than her daily tasks.

Segura began skateboarding over half a year ago.

“What made me overall want to learn how to skateboard was social media. The people who I look up to and admire tended to have a connection with skateboarding. So seeing them made me want to try it,” she said.

Setting herself into trying something new caused major changes.“My sense of style has changed drastically. There is this bond that is created with certain people due to the fact that they also skate. It is overall pretty crazy how one thing has managed to change my life,” Segura said.

Segura tried something way out of her comfort zone. Soon enough, it became a part of her identity.

At first, Segura’s parents were divided about her interest.

“My mom thought that it would just be a phase that would quickly come to an end. On the other hand, you had my dad who went with it and encouraged me to try and learn more,” she said.

Segura not only believes that skateboarding brings a rush of fun and excitement, but also danger.

“I think that skateboarding is pretty dangerous because there are people who get mad when they see you doing tricks and all on their property. Also, you can end up falling and injuring yourself,” Segura said.

Still, the benefits outweigh the dangers for her. Segura began to be involved with a separate crowd. She would be asked to hang out with other skateboarders themselves.

“I have interacted with more people because of it. Simply because it is kind of rare to see someone skating around, so seeing them makes me want to approach them and say something,” she said.