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School security and their role in the Curie community

Every morning, when you walk into school, they are the first ones you see. Some students love them and others don’t, but one thing is always true. They are always around. They are Curie’s security team.

Patricia Andris, known as Miss Pat to students, used to work outside of schools, but she enjoys working at Curie. “It was boring sitting behind a desk and answering the phone, playing with numbers,” she said.

For Andris, her favorite part of the job is just seeing the students keeping in order and trying to get respect from them.

Security team member Bernardo Romero also feels positively about his work here.

“I wouldn’t change my job, I try to make the most out of it,” Romero said.

According to Andris, the most challenging students to handle as a security guard are the sophomores. “They are still transitioning. First they were freshmen, and they were okay. And then as they get to their sophomore year. They still have their immaturity,” she said.
Andris said that seniors are the most mature a high schooler will ever be because seniors are getting ready to go out into the real world.

Andris said her job is hard when students don’t listen to her. When students don’t listen to her, depending on the seriousness of the matter, she may send them to the dean even though she she doesn’t want to or like to do it.

According to Romero, his job is to maintain the safety and the wellbeing of Curie students and staff members.

“It’s important to provide a safe place for everyone,” Romero said.