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The hypocrisy of teachers and deadlines

Hard-working students sacrifice their free time to turn in homework on time. They stay up late, losing sleep to work on essays, complete projects, and study for tests. They turn down friends, family and social media. All for what? To end up with a D on their report card? To have no control over their grade?

Too many teachers at Curie drag to put in grades. They continuously stress the responsibilities that we have as students. They want us to be respectful, pay attention in class and turn in assignments on time. But what about the responsibilities they have? Teachers should be putting in grades on time, meeting their deadlines and not making excuses. It’s an issue that students struggle with all the time.

Teachers seem to fail to realize that if they wait until the last minute to enter grades, it affects the students in a negative way. Students don’t know where they stand in the class. They aren’t sure of what their grade really is. They are completely vulnerable because they have no control over their own grade. One week they could have an A, and the week right before progress reports an F. By that time, it’s too late to do anything about it. Teachers need to set aside time to enter grades on weekly basis.  

According to the Chicago Public Schools Policy Manual stated under the Teacher’s Responsibility section, “The teacher shall timely submit marking period grades for each student in IMPACT on or before the published deadline. The teacher shall be prepared to justify assigned grades. Teachers are responsible for validating their students’ quarter, semester and final grade(s) before they are posted.”

Teachers are expected to enter grades on a weekly basis, yet some of them don’t. It’s understandable that they have families and lives outside of school, just like the students do,  but this begs the question: If they can’t handle the responsibility of grading papers and entering grades on time, then why do they assign so much homework? Four out of my seven teachers assign homework every night, and they are the teachers that struggle with entering grades on time.

Students need to stand up to the teachers. They should talk to their teachers and explain to them that not putting in grades on time affects them negatively. If no one tells teachers that they are doing something wrong, then they’re never going to change their ways. Teachers hold our GPA in the palm of their hands; we can’t let them slack off on their work. Our future lies in their hands.