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The rigorous road to success for an AVID student

Organization is an important thing for Miguel Cruz, a junior in the AVID program. He believes AVID has helped him being organized and getting him ready for his future. Being organized and ready for the real life at a young age is an advantage.

“I think it will help me organize myself once I’m in college. No one really tells you what to do, so you have to be independent to a certain extent. From time management, to figuring out how to complete assignments, AVID is going to help in the long run,” Cruz said. Even though he will only be taking AVID classes his high school years, he will still maintain his organization in school which will help him later on.

Cruz is appreciative about having the AVID program in his school. “AVID has helped me transition from grammar school to high school in a smooth and comfortable way. By having the same classmates freshman year, I was able to get rid of the nervousness of becoming a high schooler,” he said. Cruz believes he has not only improved in his form of education but speaking out loud as well.

Cruz believes AVID has been a big part of his education and a big difference. “The main purpose of AVID is to get used to a higher form of education and to help with play secondary education. By showing you what to expect in college, you are able to get an advantage over the students that aren’t used to seeing what is required of them in college academically and socially,” he said. Cruz can say that AVID isn’t any ordinary class but a huge life help.

Cruz’s friend, Maday Munoz, believes the AVID program has really helped her friend in a way that has changed him for the better.

“AVID helps you stay focused in your classes and to keep ahead of your work,” Munoz said. She said Cruz is focused in his classes, according to his grades. “Miguel wasn’t a bad student, but he wasn’t a star either. He was just an average student, ‘B’ type of student. Now I’ve noticed that he has been receiving mostly A’s and I think it’s because of AVID,” Munoz said.

According to Cruz’s friend, Fatima Lopez, he isn’t the the shy person anymore as from freshman year.

“By having the same classmates since freshman year, Miguel has changed from being the shy kid in class to a normal speaker. He doesn’t seem to be shy or nervous while presenting to the class,” said Lopez.

AVID isn’t just about staying organized for your future; it’s about your present too.

“AVID is the reason why you stay focused on your work and stay on track with everything. It is more than a program to me,” Cruz said.