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A lifelong passion for volleyball gives him motivation

Tryouts can be intimidating to some people, especially the volleyball tryouts at Curie. That didn’t stop this student from trying out his freshman year. He’s had a passion since he was in middle school, and his coach motivated him to join the volleyball team. He has improved on his skills from freshman year and has come a long way. This year, being his last, Anthony Santiago is ready for the volleyball season to begin!

Santiago has been part of Curie’s volleyball team for three years now. He has learned so many different skills from his coach, Joe Riley.

“When I first started playing on Curie’s volleyball team, I learned the different types of positions and what they do,” said Santiago. “When I started playing in seventh grade, we didn’t really learn about the positions we just rotated every time.”

Santiago said that he joined the volleyball team because he is more likely to be himself when he is playing.

“I joined volleyball because I grew up with a great passion of it ever since my elementary days. Also, it helps me keeps my mind off of things such as my stress for school and anything I would be thinking about. Also, I think I’m pretty good at it,” Santiago said.

Being part of any athletic team, there has to be confidence and communication. Anthony doesn’t consider himself the best player. He feels that everyone is good in their own ways.

“I don’t really consider one person better in the team, I consider that we all have our own unique talents and for us trying our best of what we are good at,” he said.

Every athlete has their strengths in the sport that they play but they also have their weaknesses. Santiago said he needs to work on a few things including “row shots.”

“The thing I need to improve on is to follow the ball where it may land and improving my row shots. One of my strengths as being a libero, I believe, is to making my passes towards the setter when I get the chance,” Santiago said.

Santiago’s friend, Belen Fuentes (Div. 826), has supported him at his games.

“Anthony is a good player; I could see that he’s confident when he plays,” Fuentes said.