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Baseball is life for a diehard Cubs fan

Rick Montenegro was fixated on his TV that evening. When the final out was made, Montenegro jumped from the couch, screaming and smiling. His Snapchat was immediately bombarded with stories about the Cubs World Series win.

Montenegro believes the Cubs win has brought together the communities around the city. He watched baseball games with his family, and claims he felt a lot closer with them.

Recalling the evening of the final win, Montenegro shared his joy. “We finally broke the curse,” he said.

Months after the Chicago Cubs became 2016 World Series champions, fans like Montenegro are still celebrating.

“Chicagoans couldn’t wait to see that trophy back home,” he said.

Montenegro, a baseball player himself, said the win made him more dedicated to his own baseball career.

“I got to keep busting my butt to get to that position because I want to raise that trophy,” he said.

Montenegro has been playing for Curie’s baseball team for the last 4 years, and imagines himself going pro one day.

“If God wants, why not?”